Contemplative practices in universities

In bringing about Christian contemplative practices to the young adults, I’m excited to be leading some weekly sessions at Victoria and Massey university this year.

Sessions includes:

  • Interactive drawing reflective prayer
    using reflective questions and prompts, make connection with God by drawings and symbolic words.
  • Imaginative prayers and meditation
  • Centering Prayer
    20 minutes of silence to be quiet outside and inside
  • Breathe Prayer
    Using our breathe to center ourselves and focus
  • Body Prayer
    Pay attention to our bodies as we pray to invite God
  • Contemplation on nature
    Dwell with nature and listen to what it wants to teach us
  • Lectio Divina
    Gleaning insights from repeating sacred words

I hope to provide a space where people can experiment and try some contemplation in a safe place, even those who have had no link with any faith communities.

‘Prayer’ or connection with God is not complicated. An intent to connect with God and some time to do so is all we need! Often there are fixed idea of what it needs to look like, but we can connect with God with many different ways.

Do you want to find out more about how these practices might look like in your life? Do you know of a group might be interested in learning to practice them? Let me know!

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