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Why Spiritual Direction?

There are many good minitries and they all help us in one way or another. Spiritual direction help us by paying attention to and responding to what God might be doing in our life at this present time. Where is God working? How is God in this situation? As a spiritual director I walk alongside your spiritual journey to listen to the music of the soul.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Whereas in many counselling or pastoral contexts there is an emphasis on problem solving, spiritual direction focuses on the signs of grace at work in the midst of each situation, helping the individual both to recognize God’s unique communication and respond to God’s invitation to growth and healing. 

Bev and Lew Marsh

Spiritual Direction is about slowing down in our lives and listening well. Many times, God’s presence surprises us when we pay attention.

A spiritual director is someone who listens together with you for the movement of God in your life. A director does not give instructions or ‘direction’ as such, and many would see it more as ‘spiritual companion’ or ‘spiritual carer.’ A director’s role is to facilitate a safe space for you to connect to your deeper self, where God dwells. In a spiritual direction session, we listen together for God’s movement in your life at the moment, and respond to God’s invitation.

For some people, it helps to explore connecting to God in new and creative ways. (Click here to discover many things I offer: ‘Prayer Stations’ and ‘Creative prayer sessions’) This can be refreshing for those who find it hard to find words to express their honest feelings.

Why would you come to spiritual direction?

Anyone who would like to pay attention to their spirituality will find spiritual direction helpful!

  • You may be struggling with your faith and feel you do not belong in any church, but still want to talk to someone to grapple with your relationship with God.
  • You may be faced with a decision or dilemma and wish for someone else to journey with you in listening for God’s guidance through it.
  • You may have ministry in church or live in a remote place and wish to talk to someone who can attend to you spiritually.
  • You might be looking for a safe space to be honest with Yourself and God.

What do we talk about?

Usually, if you come to a spiritual director, you will bring something you want to talk about. This can be anything that is significant for you at the moment.

If you don’t know what to talk about, maybe start with how you feel about prayer, or about God at the moment. Perhaps you want to talk about a dream you recently had or something you noticed that seemed significant or simply your job or relationships.

It can be anything, since God is in all things, we listen together for God’s presence in them in your life.

As a spiritual director, I am there for you, meeting you where you are at with God, though I might offer some suggestions or insights from time to time, the aim is to encourage you to listen more intently to how God is speaking to you.

Sometimes we may use drawings, poetry or collage to help connect with what is going on inside, but only if you feel comfortable with it.

Your first session

Meeting with a new spiritual director can feel a bit daunting. It takes courage to decide to meet with someone! You are taking steps to pay attention to your relationship with God and that’s fantastic.

Be prepared to talk about something in your life that is important to you at the moment. Or simply turn up and see where our conversations go.

Please know that:

  • The first session will always be free.
  • We can chat and figure out your needs and whether spiritual direction is for you.
  • You need to feel comfortable with me as your director journeying with you.
  • It will be up to you to decide to continue meeting after the first meeting or not. There is no obligation to continue.


There are costs involved with ongoing spiritual direction sessions. The fees goes towards my ongoing supervision, spiritual direction and professional development. Your contribution allows me to sustain my ongoing ministry. We can discuss fees when we meet.

I don’t want the cost to hinder anyone to have access to spiritual direction, so if this is you, please let me know!

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