Contemplate in nature

Here’s an excellent article about contemplating nature from a Catholic website. We are surrounded with pressure for efficiency and hyperactivities, even when we go on holiday we might fill it with ‘leisure’ that tires us out as opposed to fill us up.

Contemplate invites us to slow down, simply receive from where we are at now.

Sometimes, it’s like looking up from playing hours of computer game, suddenly conscience of where I really am, realizing that I am hungry, thirsty, have you ever felt that? – we play the game of life that takes our attention away from reality sometimes.

Nature sings about God 24/7, it provides healing and nurture, we simply just need to pay attention.

Take time to slow down and ponder, you will find God’s presence here and now.

Dr. Susan Muto, defines contemplation as being “in the temple of the living God, sensing, believing, and experiencing that we are actually in his presence, that he is in us and we are in him.”

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