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I would like to put a few things I’m reading and learning at the moment here. Also other links that may be helpful if you are looking at ways to be contemplative in your life or church.


The discipline of prayer is the intentional, concentrated, and regular effort to make space for God… Prayer is being unbusy with God instead of being busy with other things. Prayer is primarily to do nothing useful or productive in the presence of God. To not be useful is to remind myself that if anything important or fruitful happens through prayer, it is God who achieves the result.

Henri Nouwen

This is what I am sitting with at the moment – to not do anything ‘useful’ because my attitude creates an illusion that ‘it’s all up to me’. This is hard! I want to be useful! I am constantly looking for things I need or can be doing. God is calling me to simply just be with him. I hope this quote brings freedom and encouragement to you as it is to me.

So when I go into the day, I go with the conviction that God is the one who brings forth fruit in my work, and I do not have to act as though I am in control of things.

Henri Nouwen

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